Twin Peaks second series 1990/1 – David Lynch (2007)

It is a magnificent day for a Dutch Lynch-freak. Today “Inland Empire” premieres (in only five cities!) and we are going to see it coming sunday. Also, after almost five years of waiting, the often anounced boxset with the remaining Twin Peaks episodes is available!! The ‘first series’ was 7 episodes (you had to buy […]

Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me * David Lynch * 1992

This film is actually a weak afterbirth of the popular Twin Peaks series. Having left the viewers with many unanswered questions after the series, Lynch returned with “the chilling truth behind Laura’s final days”. Indeed you get to see who killed her, but real answers aren’t here either. Fortunately! Watching this film I actually have […]

Twin Peaks – the first season special edition DVD * David Lynch * 1990/2002

Without a doubt “Twin Peaks” is the best thing that ever happened in television-history. Reshown on several TV-stations several times, but now we have been ‘Peaksless’ for far too many years. Long ago the complete series have been made available on video. You can either look for the tapes, but I believe they are still […]

River’s Edge – Tim Hunter (1986)

I found this film when I was checking what else directors of the original “Twin Peaks” series have made. Keanu Reeves and Tim Hopper’s names further caught my attention. “River’s Edge” is one of Reeves’ first full-length films. The film follows some troublesome kids in a small community. When one kills a class-mate, the group […]

The Prisoner (series) * George Markstein & Patrick McGoohan

‘Where am I?’ – ‘In the village.’ ‘What do you want?’ – ‘We want information.’ ‘Whose side are you on?’ – ‘That would be telling.’ ‘We want information. Information, information’ ‘You won’t get it!’ ‘By hook or by crook, we will’ ‘Who are you?’ – ‘I’m the new Number Two.’ ‘Who is Number One?’ – […]

Lost * J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof * series 1 2004

I remember when the first series came on Dutch television. Big anouncements, advertisement in tv-guides, raving commentaries. In that time we just had “Operation Robinson”, a “Big Brother” like “real life soap” and I expected “Lost” to be the original or at least an American counterpart. Later I heard that “Lost” was “Twin Peaks on […]