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Duchess Says * Sciences Nouvelles (cd 2016)

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It is odd how the music business works nowadays. On Deezer a Duchess Says single became available a while ago. “Negative Thoughts” announced an upcoming album. Then a little later the album is announced on Bandcamp and can be preordered. One track could be listened for free, another (“Negative Thoughts”…) after you preordered the album. Now the album is out and you can listen to it entirely on Bandcamp without buying it.

“Sciences Nouvelles” is (like previous albums) is short only 36 minutes. Two tracks I already knew (see above), two tracks can also be found on the split with Prince Harry. read more

Pop. 1280 ‎* Paradise (cd 2016)

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I discovered this noisy band a couple of years ago when I was looking for electropunk. They were formed in 2009 and have released their third full-length in four years time. The band uses guitar-noise that may remind of a band like Swans here and there, but they have also got ‘pulsating electronics’ which are closer to a band like zZz. Sometimes the sound goes in the direction of ‘electropunk’, at other times the band has more of a noise-rock sound. There are also softer, more experimental tracks. read more

Black Bug * Frozen Energy (7″ 2015)

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When my eye fell on this 7″ in the shop of Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, I did not know that it is actually a brand new 7″. Some three years after lp (click on the bandname to read the review) there is new material of Black Bug.

The title track of this 7″ is an uptempo and nicely raw sounding electropunk track. Side B, “Push You”, sounds more like that wave-sound that is so popular nowadays. It is not really “minimal wave” that I used as a tag, but more like the style between shoegaze-rock energy and minimal wave, perhaps reminding a bit of some material of The Soft Moon. So what do they call that these days? “Now-wave”? “Ghost wave”? No matter, as long as it is good and that certainly goes for this 7″. read more

Duchess Says & Le Prince Harry * Split LP (12″ 2015)

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New material of my favourite electropunkers, the weird and wonderfull Duchess Says from Canada. This split vinyl opens with some typical uptempo rock sounds, but soon goes over in Duchess’ frenzy. Then follows a more electropoppy song, nice and weird. The third track is also great, not too typical for Duchess Says, but what is typical for a band that goes from electropop to grindcore on a single album? Anyways, the Duchess Says side definately excuses buying this lp.

The name Le Prince Harry rings a bell, but apparently I have never (really) listened to them. Their four tracks go perfectly with those of Duchess Says. The music of Le Prince Harry is also weird, uptempo and punky, but with even more electronics than in Duchess Says. Their 2012 lp “It’s Getting Worse” also proves to be a wonderfull album with pulsating synth rhythms and simple but effective guitar-work and vocals. The music reminds a bit of my countrymates zZz, but Le Prince Harry is faster and the tracks on the split lp are even more uptempo. read more

The Prodigy * The Day Is My Enemy (cd 2015)

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A while ago a Prodigy show in Amsterdam was announced, sold out in no-time of course, but I am going to see them live again; same place, different album. No longer unexpectedly, the band prereleased two tracks and now the new album.

“The Day Is My Enemy” sounds even more ‘punkish’ than previous material. Some tracks are very energetic, other seem less so. Different guest vocalists have cooperated to this album, one of them is the immediately recognisable Jason Williamson from the weird and nice band Sleaford Mods that I recently ran into. Williamson’s lyrics contain the f-word frequently and the same I can say about other tracks on this new Prodigy album. The band says that the new album sounds rawer, perhaps that also goes for the lyrics then. read more

v/a * Death # Disco IV (2cd 2014)

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Discogs.comIn the summer of 2013 I visited a Dutch festival and in some cd stand my eyes fell on two volumes of a compilation called “Death # Disco”. To my surprise I recognised several band- and project-names, but in my head they were from different scenes. Death # Disco is a disco evening in Berlin where they play a variety of music. Old fashioned gothic/wave, more contemporary wave of the “minimal wave” genre, but also shoegaze (that apparently is called “ghost wave” sometimes). The same can be said about the compilations and volume IV is no exception. New this time is that IV is a double cd. read more

Black Bug ‎* Reflecting The Light (cd 2012)

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Not too recent, but I just discovered this and I want to bring this band to your attention. The energetic music of Black Bug goes from electropop to (electro)punk to digicore and then with (no)wave influences. Sometimes there are ‘wavey’ male vocals, sometimes distorted female vocals. The electronic music follows the vocals, sometimes wave, sometimes punk and this is also when the guitars get in. Yep, this is the good stuff!
Link: Black Bug

v/a * Death # Disco III (cd 2013)

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Strange how things work sometimes. I listen a lot of different kinds of music. Since this has increased a lot and now in combination with Deezer perhaps even more. A while ago I ran into the brilliant band A Place To Bury Strangers who make some sort of shoegaze (1980’ies wave elements, screaming guitars, etc.), but much more uptempo than the “dreampop” variety of the style. I have been looking for other interesting bands in that style and found good bands that combine guitars and electronics. To my surprise one of these bands (The KVB) played at last year’s (2013) Wave Gotik Treffen and than two more (The Soft Moon, Lebanon Hannover) at Summer Darkness. At a music-stand at Summer Darkness I checked the boxes of the usual goth-mailorder and found A Place To Bury Strangers, but also quite a bit of “minimal wave” (and related) music. That part included “Death # Disco” compilations, compilations of a Berlin based monthly clubnight. To my surprise these compilatons contain bands that I previously discovered as “shoegaze” (The KVB, The Exploding Boy, The Lost Rivers, etc.) and as “minimal wave”, another genre that I enjoy discovering (Agent Side Grinder, Xeno & Oaklander, Echo West, etc.). Apparently everything is growing together or is not as separated as I initially thought.
In any case, “Death # Disco III” goes from very nice uptempo analogue dancemusic to screaming guitars. Some tracks are downright briliant, but others are pretty boring, an experience that I got used to in ‘both scenes’. Nice to run into these compilations though.
Link: Death # Disco
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Bang Bang Eche * Ur The Best (mp3 ep 2013)

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I got to know Bang! Bang! Eche! a couple of years ago when on a P2P network I was looking through someones “nowave or whatever the kids call it this week” folder. This was a pretty big folder, so I just picked out a couple of things based on bandnames. Bang! Bang! Eche! do not make nowave though, more something like electropunk, or actually not even that, it is weird, uptempo popmusic with electronic influences. The band released two eps, rereleased them as online eps and the self-titled 2008 ep and “Sonic Death Cunttt” 2009 ep are now again available from the band’s Bandcamp as “Ep I” (2009) and “Ep II” (2010) with a different order of the tracks and a video for the first ep and an 8-bit “original version” of a track on the second ep.
A while ago the band announced that they had an album ready and a label to release it. When the label said something critical, the band reacted with their usual strong language on their Facebook and the label decided to not release the album at all. Now after quite some silence there is a new online ep with only three tracks and a different, more mature sound. “Ur The Best” opens with a nowavey fast noisy track that is really great. The second track is more punky and more poppy at the same time and however nice, not as good as earlier material. The last track is even more poppy, a bit of the popsound with electronics that you hear more nowadays. It is a very easy-listening track compared to the madness of the first two eps. But, the songs sound good and might very well bring the band under the attention of a wider audience. Also the new ep is a ‘name your price’ Bandcamp release, so nothing should hold you back to try some nice electropop/-punk.
Links: Bang Bang Eche, The Underground Management
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We Are The Physics * Your Friend, The Atom (cd 2012)

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Indeed, I do not only listen to musical violence, I also have a growing likeness for weird and punky pop music. I discovered this Scotish band a while ago. In 2008 they released their excellent debut cd “Are OK At Music”, however album… it is only half an hour, or as the cover says: “Guaranteed to fit on ONE SIDE of a C60 Tape!”. This also shows the humour of this band. The new album (41 minutes) has a song title that I cannot retype without my software turning the html code into an accent. Also in the music there is plenty room for humour. The music is often fast, guitar oriented popmusic with catchy rhythms and electronics. The vocals are nicely strange and especially the use of ‘choirs’ on the new album is very amusing. The music can be described as somewhat of a mix between nowave weirdness and experimentalism and electropunk. The energy and approach reminds of great bands such as Duchess Says, We Are Wolves and Bang! Bang! Eche!, but each band certainly has a distinctive sound. It is not like I like each and every of these ‘electropunk’ bands, but with two great cds We Are The Physics definately make a wonderfull addition to my discovery so I can play some lighter stuff every now and then.
Links: We Are The Physics, This Is Fake DIY Records
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Duchess Says * In A Fung Day T! (cd 2011)

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This has been my most looked-forward-to album since I heard that Duchess Says was working on a new album. I adore their 2008 debut album and a while ago the band started putting messages out on Facebook that there were new songs. Two have been pre-released, one alright track and a great one. A few weeks ago the label accepted preorders and coming back from holidays I had “In A Fung Day T!” in my mailbox. The album opens with a great noisy punk sound, very promising! This Canadian band goes from noisy ‘artpunk’ to electropop and I especially like the weird electropunk sound. The album sounds more of a mix between punk and electropop than before and it is different from the debut. It is less ‘extreme’ than the debut and pretty short too (33 minutes) I have heard the cd a couple of times now and however I find the debut cd better, I like “In A Fung Day T!” a lot. If you want something weird and different, Duchess Says may be for you too! The best news is, they are touring too!
Links: Duchess Says, Alien8 Records
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Hunting The Robot * Our Ocean Is Illuminated (ep 2010)

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Hunting The Robot is a new local (i.e. from Eindhoven, Netherlands) band that I read about is some free, local newspaper, for some reason the bandname already rang a bell then. Yesterday we were in Den Bosch to see “Black Swan” and in some activities leaflet I noticed that HTR was playing that same night. We decided to go and see HTR and went to a small cellar venue that I had never been to (Plein 79). HTR is a band of four young men (they give their own average age as 16) making catchy poprock with a lot of electronics. There are thick layers of wave with screaming guitars and electronic rhythms, but this eccentric band mixes many styles to some punky kind of pop music. I was happily surprised by the lengthy jamsessions in which the youngsters proved to be skilled and varried musicians, the technical 14-year-old drummer giving away a great solo and the nice songs with unexpected changes and great ideas. More than once I was reminded of the great Bang Bang Eche. Not all songs were great, but many were very nice. Last friday the band released their debut, an ep that can be bought, but also downloaded for free. The ep sounds soft, slick, too polished, but worse of all, it contains four slightly boring tracks, while they have an hour of good ones. Good that I did not hear the ep before hearing about the show! Based on the show I find this band promising, but the ep I can rate no higher than:

Link: Hunting The Robot read more

Bang Bang Eche * Sonic Death Cunttt (ep 2009)

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Not all good electopunk comes from Canada! Bang Bang Eche is a young group from New Zealand and currently have two ep’s available, the great and nameless 2008 debut and this second 4 track. The music of Bang Bang Eche is catchy electropunk music with a lot of energy. The band seems to have a considerable following and since their ep’s are sold online, they seem to spread easily. I really enjoy some electropunk such as Duchess Says or Motormark, but I rarely run into anything that I enjoy as much as these two bands. Bang Bang Eche might not be as weird as Duchess Says, but it is good and I hope they will go on a little more, since the better bands in the genre seem to pass away after some time.
Link: Bang Bang Eche read more

Les Georges Leningrad * Sangue Puro (cd 2006)

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Les Georges was a Canadian experimental (electronic) punk band. Somehow many of these seem to come from Canada (the band does no longer exist since May 2007). What also seems to be typical for this kind of music are the slightly distorted and rather childish female vocals. There are also male vocals here and there. The band has great uptempo weird punky tracks which are alternated with a great variety of experiments. Jazz, funk, industrial, Native American tribal music, whatever the band felt like is put on their albums. The experiments are not always my taste and take relatively much space on the albums, but the nice weird things and especially the electropunk (or postpunk or whatever I should call it) are good enough to recommend to people who like happy-tuned crazy music.
Links: LGL memorial Myspace, Dare To Care…
Other albums are “Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo” (2005 Alien8 Records) (I think this is the better) and “Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou” (2002 Records Coco-Cognac)
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Duchess Says * Anthology Des 3 Perechoirs (cd 2008)

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Anthology Des 3 PerchoirsHere we have a very interesting band. Duchess Says easily goes from typical electropop to more rock-oriented experimental tracks with (apparently) real drums (“post-rock”?), but this album opens with a magnificent experimental punk song that even the 70’ies artpunk bands would have never come up with. Weird screaming female vocals, lots of guitars, is this perhaps a rock band with electronic influences? Modern artpunk? I don’t mind. This is great and weird stuff.
Duchess Says, Alien8 Recordings
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