Of course this list is somewhat fluid over time (/mood), but I added (30/8/13) some recent(ly discovered) masterpieces.

The Dead Weather * Sea Of Cowards (cd 2010) -not reviewed-
A Place To Bury Strangers * Worship (cd 2012)
Herz Jühning * Miasma (cd 2009)
Devil Doll * Dies Irea (cd 1996) -not reviewed-
Haus Arafna * You (cd 2010)
Prodigy * Invaders Must Die (cd 2008)
Blood Axis * Born Again (cd 2010)
Thorofon * Exkarnation (cd 2011)
Propergol * Renegade (cd 2001)
Duchess Says * In A Fung Day T! (cd 2011)
Luftwaffe * Ere I Perish (cd 2010)
Triarii * Muse In Arms (cd 2008)
Agent Side Grinder * Hardware (cd 2012)
Blood Axis * The Gospel Of Inhumanity (cd 1995)
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud * The Smell Of Blood But Victory (cd 1997) -not reviewed-
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud * Were You Of Silver, Were You Of Gold (mcd 1996) -not reviewed-
Dream Into Dust * The Lathe Of Heaven (cd 2003)
Orplid * s/t (cd 1998)
Land:Fire * Shortwave Transmission (cd 2009)
November Növelet * Magic (cd 2007)

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23. Wave Gotik Treffen

We have ordered our tickets months ago and recieved them a couple of weeks back. Not too many bands were made known then. Much more we know today and actually, the line-up is not smashing. Of course this is an opportunity to go and see bands that I do not know yet.

Names that are interesting are a bunch that will probably make a nice night with weird industrial: Trepaneringsritualen, Sigillum and Six Comm.

Since a couple of years there is also horror punk/psychobilly: 45 Grave, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space.

Further there will be: 7JK (and of course Sieben and Job Karma on their own), Anne Clark, The Lost Rivers (this I am looking forward mostly), Konstruktivists and the great project Land:Fire that I already saw live once.

It will probably be fun again.

Whirlwind Heat * Do Rabbits Wonder? (2003)

Electronic punky rock music with here and there a chaotic, 'nowavy' edge. Do Rabbits Wonder? is quite a nice album.

Tricky * False Idols (2013)

Yesterday Deezer recommended me a recent album of the famous Tricky. I know the man of his lauded 1996 album "Pre-Millenium Tension". The new album starts very promising with slow, fairly dark, downtempo techno (or 'triphop') with male and female vocals. As the album continues, the tracks get less interesting. Not music that I listen to a lot, but should the entire album have been a surprise like the opening tracks.......

Design experimentation

As you can see I am experimenting a bit with the layout. I have been thinking of a new and better way to separate reviews from other news, like announcements of releases that I did not review or just general 'blog entries'. I am currently fairly happy with the result, but I do not yet have everything working properly. The stories and 'blog' entries can currently only be visited one by one, not in an overview. Also the rating-stars do not look too good.
So, some work in progress. I hope that you like the new design.

Most played music in 2013 keeps track of what I listen to. I "scrobble" most of what I listen to, so this is fairly accurate. Not "scrobbled" is what I hear in the car. In any case, just to give you an idea, here are my most played artists in the last 12 months:
1 A Place to Bury Strangers 377 tracks
2 Haus Arafna 305
3 The Dead Weather 259
4 Thorofon 194
5 Peter Pan Speedrock 111
6 Genocide Organ 107
7 Ex.Order 107
8 Igorrr 100
9 Sonic Area 96
10 The Lost Rivers 96
11 The Tiger Lillies 95
12 The Soft Moon 87
13 Nicholas Lens 86
14 Anenzephalia 84
15 Distel 82
16 Agent Side Grinder 81
17 Black Bug 81
18 Health 77
19 Propergol 76
20 Duchess Says 76

There are a few surprises. I find the music of my townmates Peter Pan Speedrock nice, but not great and I do not have the idea that I played them so often. The same goes for Genocide Organ; usually when I play noise it will be more something like Ex.Order, Operation Cleansweep or IRM. There are a few bands/projects that probably come up so high because they have short tracks, so I play many songs in a short time. Numbers 17 and 18 are actually all played in the last month! Short tracks I guess!

A funny list though.

Uncoiled Loops

I got an email of Uncoiled Loops, a label that released a dark ambient compilation through Bandcamp. Besides dark ambient the label also has IDM and dubstep. Check out their Bandcamp if you are interested.

Three new Zoharum (and related) releases.

Zoharum from Poland puts out another three titles, one of which is made avaible by Noisen Records.
Synapsis "Officine Terraria Reworked", reworked material of projects such as Zenial, Hoarfrost and Self Inflicted Violence. Sometimes soundscapes, sometimes dark ambient, sometimes noisy.
Lagowski presents Legion "False Dawn" a reissue double cd with weird field recorded sound collages.
Piotr Kolecki & Molok Mun "The Spices" and ambient noise soundtrack album.

For more information visit the Zoharum website.

25 Years Tesco

Tesco Organisation has been around for 25 years and to celebrate this, they had a small festival in their hometown Mannheim at 16 and 17 november 2012. 8 Classic industrial projects made their appearance.

Anenzephalia is closely linked to Tesco and Genocide Organ. However a one man project, mr. Moloch is usually accompanied by one half of Genocide Organ on stage, as he was this time. The man himself you can see on the left, Genocide Organ on the right. We will see this combination later on this weekend. Anenzephalia gave a great show and presented a new cd. Noisy industrial, not the power electronics of GO, aggressive vocals, well done!

I did not really know The-So-Aa. I thought this was a dark ambient project and indeed it was. Not too great, but a few tracks were pretty dark, a sound that I prefer when hearing dark ambient.

I was really looking forward to seeing Operation Cleansweep. They make a brutal form of very industrial noise with aggressive vocals and harsch rhythms. The show was not as extreme as on some of their releases, but perhaps it was better for a live performance, since with sped-up rhythms some people even managed to dance and mosh!

I am no fan of The Grey Wolves. This ancient noise project represents to me what noise should not sound like, chaotic, unstructured, noise for the sake of noise. I never really tried to listen to them, perhaps I would like some of his material by now, I do not know. The show did not start very extreme, just eerie noise with vocals. After a few tracks we went back to our hotel to get some sleep.

The second evening was opened by Galerie Schallschutz. At the previous Tesco festival (in Antwerpen) they had a play with aliens and the like. Nothing of that sort this time, just two guys on stage and two small screens with video. The volume was much higher than on friday night and the sound was harder than I remember Schallschutz, but the show was nice.

Propergol could well be my favourite noise artist. I have seen him live before (also in Antwerpen). The albums of mr. Nougaillion tend to get more ambient and less noisy and the show showed this as well. It looks a bit like Jérôme focusses more on the video aspect of his abilities, since the show was not quite what I hoped. It started chaotic, I had the idea that not much of it was live (or he found a brilliant way to combine sound and image to create his shows on the fly) and instead of having a show build up in atmosphere, there were separate tracks with pauses in between. After a few ambient experiments, somebody in the audience shouted "come on!" and (coincidentally or not) the show moved towards the more industrial noise sound of earlier albums, the atmosphere got better, the pauses went away and the video brilliantly accompanied the music. Yep, a nice show with perhaps a bit of a false start.

Contrastate... Well, I actually only know them from an ancient tape that I got decades ago in the times of 'tape trading', dark ambient with vocals. "A Thousand Badgers In Labour", the last song of the show was even the title track of that album, the only track that I knew. For the rest Contrastate was a lot more industrial and even somewhat noisy from what I expected. Four men on stage (not all visible in my photo) giving a varried and nice set.

Genocide Organ represents my love/hate relation to extreme electronic music. A lot of their material is chaotic atonal brutality with a lot of high frequencies. Other tracks are more structured and have a really dark and/or really aggressive atmosphere like only few power electronic projects tend to manage. I have heard quite a lot of their material (but by far not all I am sure), but I do not like 90% of it. Like The Grey Wolves, GO often represents the side of noise that I do not enjoy. Also I had never seen them on stage. At the previous Tesco festival I could not go the second evening (and sadly missed Post Scriptvm) and for the rest they just never played at something I attended. Their show at their own party was given by four people, the duo that makes this project, mr. Moloch of Anenzephalia and somebody who I did not recognise, but who was obviously of the organisation of the festival. The volume was brought up even more and the show started with an earblowing energy. It is amazing how many people actually came to watch GO (some as far as the USA), people who are apparently even more musical masochists than myself. After a few tracks my girlfriend could no longer stand the extreme volume so we split. Given the fact that I usually spare her from noise, it was amazing enough that she agreed that we would go to this Tesco festival, she even seemed to have enjoyed some of the shows, but GO was a bit too much, so leaving might pave the way for future noise events!

All in all this was a very nice festival with a few minor points. It took to well after the scheduled opening and starting hours before we could get in and before something actually happened, and secondly, the place was stuffed, there was nowhere (but outside) where you could just stand, sit or hang without being pussed aside by people passing all the time. Minor issues of course for somebody who was more lucky than many others in being able to be there at this classic event.

Martial industrial

A decade ago a selling line for new cds was: "sounds like Der Blutharsch". Nowadays you have to sound like Triarii in order to sell cds. I listened to a few of these new stars in the field of martial industrial. My scepticism to the current state of the style is unfortunately confirmed grandly. Tethrippon is a Greek act with boring music and awfull vocals. The cheesy orchestrations are as bad as in the early days of martial industrial, but then they were at least new. Of Kazaria's "Credo Nostrum" album I haven't heard one complete song, my finger kept being drawn toward the 'next' button on the remote. Nebelkorona was the least uninteresting project. In fact, a few tracks on their "Tannenhochforst" are quite alright, but the rest are not...
Nope, my heart does not speed up hearing about the next great project in the field of martial industrial.

Duchess Says live

It has been a while since I got to know Duchess Says. A great band going from electropop to electropop to nowave extremity. A while ago to they released a new album and a European tour was announced! The timing was not perfect, but I managed to go to the Utrecht show yesterday. There were two other bands, the first was the pretty boring De Blaffende Affen (I think this is a band from the practice facility where the concerts was helt), the second an alright band called Bombay Show Pig (some nice idea, but neither of the two can sing) and then it was time for Duchess Says. MAN what a show! This is definately the most interesting live band I have seen in a long time. They mostly played their energetic punk songs and that with only a four-piece band (drummer, electronics, guitarist and singer). The singer is an energetic young woman who is constantly running through the audience going to somebody to grap him/her, push him/her away, dance with him/her, throw beer over his/her head, etc., she even had a picknick in the middle of he audience. The show is full of energy and a part of the audience obviously knew what was going to happen since the first 4 rows have been dancing and jumping around since the band entered the stage. It was truely a great show. Hopefully the band will get a slighly larger audience than just about 70 and return to Europe some time soon.