v/a * Slutstationen (mc 2014)

While placing an order at my usual dealer Tesco, I was browsing their list of tapes. Tapes seem to be popular and sometimes they make a cheap way of getting to know new music that I would not hear another way. So I got myself three tapes to hear what is new in the world of industrial. The name of the label, Styggelse, rings a bell, but it does not look like I have anything they released. Most of the names of the projects are new to me too. Names such as Händer Som Vårdar, Arv & Miljö, Treriksröset and Teufelsdröckh. Then there is Brighter Death Now and the rising star of Alfarmania (apparently also the owner of the label).
The sound goes from rumbling, noisy ambient to extreme, chaotic noise (the not-my-kind-of-noise). There are also a couple of very nice low frequency noise tracks, so overall this compilation is actually pretty nice. Now this being a tape it is not so easy to know what track is currently playing, so I have to find a way to find out which projects made the good tracks.
All in all, a good 90 minute compilation.
Link: Styggelse

Puce Mary‎ * The Great Panic (mc 2014)

However I know the label, Puce Mary is a new name to me. The tape is of late April, but not the latest offering of this project. Puce Mary makes an industrial kind of noise which is quite alright. The tape is a little short though.
Links: Puce Mary, Freak Animal

Nature Morte / Douleurfantome‎ * When Trees Fall Down (mc 2011)

Again two projects that I never heard of. Both projects present a few tracks of their own and there are two tracks recorded together. The sound is more dark ambient where Douleurfantome is a little darker and Nature Morte more soundscapish. Not too bad.
Only now when I review it, I see that the tape is a couple of years old, but I got mine from Tesco, so copies still seem to be available. There are 151 of them in total.
Links: Nature Morte, Douleurfantome, Reue Um Reue

Parzival * Casta (cd 2014)

I have Last.fm and Deezer informing me about new releases yet I had to accidentally find out about the latest Parzival. But then again, the album is only two weeks old and released on a label that I never heard of.
“Casta” has the more bombastic orchestral style, rather than the ebm-ish side of this Danish band. I prefer the sound of for example “Urheimat”, but “Casta” is a nice album with the typical Parzival vocals and pompous orchestrations. The band announced a tour, so I hope they will play somewhere near some time, because this is a band that I would like to see live some time.
Links: Parzival, Mighty Music

In Slaughter Natives * Cannula Coma Legio (cd 2014)

The new ISN is, well… a new ISN. Once every decade Jouni Havukainen sends out new material unto the masses, but where “Resurrection” (2004) was somewhat surprising and (partly because of that) a very interesting album. “Cannula Coma Legio” is ISN like we know him from days past. Drumming, pompous choir-samples, a bombastic sound. Nice to hear after all this time, but this material might just as well have been recorded in the 1990′ies. There is even a newly recorded (but very similar) version of “Angel Meat” of the 1992 album “Enter Now The World” to be found.
For old times sake I guess, or perhaps for people who are not as old as myself.
Links: In Slaughter Natives, Cyclic Law

Inade * Audio Mythology Two (cd 2014)

Regular readers of these pages will know that I am not too keen on dark ambient. Inade might not be the exception, but I do listen to them every once in a while. I have known them since the 1993 “Burning Flesh” tape, but obviously I do not follow them closely enough. Deezer (a Spotify competitor) ‘informed’ me about this new album. I had no idea that Inade is still active, so I listened to “Audio Mytholgy Two” (more about that later. When I checked Discogs before I started to write this review, I noticed that this is actually one of six 2014 releases! There are four “seasons” of “Colliding Dimensions” with live and rehearsal material (two of these albums are available on Deezer), available as mp3 downloads (in 2005 this was released as a 4cd box celebrating a world tour); also an mp3 album called “Delineation. Metamorphosis. Permanence” which title rings a bell, so this material might have been available before too.
In any case, “Audio Mythology One” was released in 2012 and it seems that I missed it. Number two has the typical Inade sound. Dark, droning ambient with ‘ritual rhythms’ (to call it that), deep spoken vocals. Other tracks are very dark soundscapes with no rhythm or vocals. Great music to read books to!
Nothing surprising when you know this German project, but since the music is always qualitativelly good, you can just get your hands on this latest release when you like Inade.
Links: Inade, Loki Found

T x R x P * Berliner Ritual (mc 2014)

Just before the best show of the 2014 Wave Gotik Treffen I bought the only merchandise available of Trepaneringsritualen (on this tape TxRxP), a shirt and a cassette limited to 100 copies. As the title suggests, this is a live recording of a Berlin show of late October. Like during the performance in the Moritzbastei, “Berliner Ritual” is an extremely dark piece of industrial. Low frequency industrial rhythms with distorted sounds and screamed vocals. Ekelund stormed the stage with a bag over his head, but without he looked as scary as with. I have no idea if much of the music was live (save for the vocals) but who cares, it was darkly moody in that old bunker in the centre of Leipzig. Judging the photos in the cassette, the Berlin show looked similar.
A couple of things. There is not much information on the cover. Being a tape, there are two sides and I have not yet tried to find out if both sides contain the same recordings (if not, this was a very long show). There are no tracks or titles, just an ongoing show. What is less positive, though, is that my tape only has sound in the right speaker (and my tape player or amp do not have a ‘mono’ button).
I actually had the idea that this is quite an obscure project, but judging Discogs there are plenty of releases, including a 2014 cd on Cold Spring, so I am going to look for that!
Links: Trepaneringsritualen, Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Land:Fire * Incandescent Sonic Lodge (cd 2014)

I have seen Land:Fire live a couple of years ago in Wuppertal, but I was eager to see them again at the 2014 Wave Gotik Treffen. When on walking out before the show for something to eat, my eye fell on a “new album” on the merchandise stand which I of course bought since I am very curious if this duo can top their excellent “Shortwave Transmission” album of 2009. The show was wonderfull, but the “new album” proves to contain old material, more specifically the 2007 “Incandescent” and the 2006 “Live At Sonic Lodge 13./14.05.2006″ both self-released. You can guess that I had neither album otherwise I would have recognised the title of this “new album”.
In any case, the material is again pretty damn good. Very dark ‘cinematographic’ ambient with noisy elements. A good album to get if you, like me, missed the originals but like the sound of this German duo. Still it is high time for some real new material gentlemen!
Links: Land:Fire, Loki Found

v/a * Forms Of Hands 2014 (cd 2014)

Like every year Hands Productions organises their Forms Of Hands festival. Like many a year, I buy one of the 1000 copies of the festival compilation during the Wave Gotik Treffen. Like every year, the compilation contains the Hands-type of music: “rhythmic noise”. Well actually, much of the music is not that hard or noisy. Most of it, as usual, is good though. Hands seems to operate mostly on the harder side of IDM these days, but they do well. They find new and interesting projects and with a remaining high standard, buying a compilation like this is by far no leap in the dark. I said it before. The style of music is not one that I listen to very often, but every once in a while, so it is good that there is this ‘standard’ yearly buy at the Hands stand in the Agra hall in Leipzig during the Whitsun weekend!
Link: Hands Productions

ANTIchildLEAGUE ‎* The Son (cd 2014)

I do not think I had head of this one-girl-project before I noticed the name on the WGT 2014 schedule. I also thought that I listened to some music which went from noise to digicore. The show was mostly brutal, industrial noise with Gaya Donadio’s screamed vocals. There was variety in the music. Some tracks were more industrial, others downright noise. The album is not as harsch as the show was and perhaps the energetic show provided a surprise effect, but the album is less interesting as the performance in the Moritzbastei. “The Son” is still a weird industrial album and I do not know all that many female industrial projects so perhaps you do not either. The combination could be a reason to check out this album.
Links: Antichildleague, Old Europa Café

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Noise Receptor journal

Recently I ran into the Noise Receptor weblog. It appeared that there is also a printed version available. (more…)

WGT 2014

As always, the Wave Gotik Treffen was a nice party. Besides free visits to museums, including an exposition of the recently deceased Hans Rudolf Giger with pieces from the Giger museum in Switserland, the 'heathen village' and the marked in the Agra hall, there were of course plenty of bands to choose from. Sometimes too much, so I had to skip a couple, but the bands we did see are: (more…)

Three Cyclic Law releases

TeHÔM "Lacrimae Mundi" CD
TREHA SEKTORI "Severh Sehenh" CD

See Cycliclaw.com for more information.

Three Zoharum releases

BISCLAVERET 'Theu Anagnosis' CD
1000SCHOEN / AB INTRA - Split 2CD

See here for more info.


Thot is a strange band from Belgium making noisy, industrial rock. Not always brilliant, but they have got some moody tracks.

Left Lane Cruiser

An all-American band that makes a filthy kind of blues rock. The vocals sound like they are shouted into a bad microphone and the music goes from upto rock to more traditional blues. The band has some very nice songs.


Deezer recommended me to play the album "2" of Neu! It proved to be a very nice album. A bit of wave, a bit of shoegaze and more experimental tunes. The album proves to be from 1973! That is not very new!

Three Zoharum releases

"25.04.2014 it's release date:
TROUM 'Dreaming Muzak' CD
IN SCISSORS 'The Circus Of Ichneumons' CD
AABZU 'It came from outer space' CD"
See here for more information.

Infetu * Sentience (2009)

From dark ambient to ambient noise. Quite dirty and here and there quite dark. Nice!

23. Wave Gotik Treffen

We have ordered our tickets months ago and recieved them a couple of weeks back. Not too many bands were made known then. Much more we know today and actually, the line-up is not smashing. Of course this is an opportunity to go and see bands that I do not know yet.

Names that are interesting are a bunch that will probably make a nice night with weird industrial: Trepaneringsritualen, Sigillum and Six Comm.

Since a couple of years there is also horror punk/psychobilly: 45 Grave, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space.

Further there will be: 7JK (and of course Sieben and Job Karma on their own), Anne Clark, The Lost Rivers (this I am looking forward mostly), Konstruktivists and the great project Land:Fire that I already saw live once.

It will probably be fun again.