White Suns * Totem (cd 2014)

Well well, so there are still bands making noiserock that is actually noisy? It looks like this band is shoved a little under the “nowave” banner and for convenience sake, I will do so too (for now). The difference (for me at least) is that “nowave” is faster and more chaotic, while “noise rock” is more like the live sound of Swans. White Suns is “noise rock” ‘by default’ and “nowave” ‘by acception’.
In any case, according to Discogs this band has been releasing music since 2009 and however this is their fifth full-length it is probably the first album that I hear of them. You can expect some noisy guitar music with screamed vocals. The music is not the kind of impossible-to-listen-to noise that sometimes comes from the industrial scene, but certainly guitar mayhem and no music for the average music listener. There is no structure, melody or rhythm. Like what the ‘nowavers’ of the 1970′ies wanted music to sound like actually. However it is quite chaotic, I kind of like the sound of White Suns. Not to listen to every day, but this certainly is a nice addition to my musical library.
Links: White Suns, Flenser Records

Blitzkrieg Baby ‎* Kids’ World (mc 2014)

From the moment I got an email if I was interested in reviewing the second release of Blitzkrieg Baby, I have been humming the classic jazz tune with the same name (that was of course also recorded by Geneviève Pasquier). “Termed Industrial Pop by some, and Unclassifiable Filth by others”, of course with a Pasquier song my expectations ran a bit towards ‘industrial disco’. However comparisons to Thorofon and Pasquier can certainly be made, Blitzkrieg Baby is more industrial, or perhaps I should say ‘oldfashioned industrial’; not entirely like the earlier material of Thorofon though. The sound is nicely dirty and slightly dark with slow rhythms and male vocals, discoish and more ambient tracks and while I hear references to other projects, Blitzkrieg Kid surely has a sound of its own. The atmosphere is good and the four track ep is very interesting. There are four bonus tracks that come from the compilation “Children In Uniforms MMXIII”. They are comparible in style, so I guess I will have to get myself a copy of the debut cd on Neuropa!
Links: Blitkrieg Baby, Belaten

Post Scriptvm‎ * Benommenheit (cd 2014)

I had no idea that Post Scriptvm had a new album coming until it showed up in the Tesco newsletter. It is even released by Tesco. Well, the previous two albums were too, so this is not too strange.
I love “Marginal Existence” (2005), from then on Post Scriptvm seemed to become less dark and more experimental. The following albums were all interesting, but I mostly like this project for the older material. When I put on “Benommenheit”, I was pleased to hear some pretty dark material, somewhat noisy even, great! A bit furtheron this album reminds more of the previous album “Grey Emminence” (2010) which is alright, but less interesting to my ears.
All in all certainly one of the more interesting releases in the style that I will for convenience sake call “dark ambient” and especially the first tracks are great.
Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco

v/a * Hour Of The Wolf (cd 2013)

Four long tracks of four artists under their given names. Kristian Olsson opens. I know Olsson best from Survival Unit and I also know his projects Blood ov thee Christ and Heid, but Discogs also has projects listed that I never heard of. Olsson presents something that is best described as “ambient noise”, but with most stress on the ambient part. His track is a bit monotous, but moody and quite alright.
Next up is Martin Bladh of IRM and Skin Area. I love the music of both projects and Bladh also contributed the most interesting track of the four. The style we are familiar with: ambient noise with highly distorted vocals. This is only in a part of his track though. The rest is more ritualistic so to way. The outburst is the only really noisy part on what I thought would be a total noise release.
More ambient things get with Kevin Tompson who is active in Sutcliffe Jugend and used by be a part of Whitehouse. He has more active projects according to Discogs. Also here the sound is quite soft, experimental and mostly ambient.
On Joel Danielsson Discogs has no further information and a Google search makes him see more of a visual artist. In any case, following most of the rest of the music, his track is weird ambient with a noisy touch.
I expected more extreme sounds so perhaps I should recommend this to people who like dark ambient. You should not be afraid of some dirty, noisy touches though.
Link: Freak Animal Records

Te/DIS ‎* Comatic Drift (cd 2014)

Tempted Dissident recently debuted on Galakthorrö with a wonderfull 7″ called “Black Swan”. Here we have the first full length. As every Galakthorrö album, “Comatic Drift” comes as a limited lp and as an unlimited cd. What you get is 12 tracks of ‘Galakthorrö light’. Like Herz Jühning, Te/DIS makes the Galakthorrö “angstpop” sound with almost no industrial or extreme outbursts. Like everything on Galakthorrö the music is well thought through, well structured and well executed. Also Te/DIS manages to make bleak, but moving electronic music. Some tracks are simply great, other are just very nice.
It may start to become dull, but here we have yet another great Galakthorrö release!
Link: Galakthorrö

Herz Jühning ‎* Paradise (7″ 2014)

Herz Jühning presents four interesting new tracks on a 33 rpm 7″. When you know the cd, think of the more tranquil tracks and you have a good idea of the sound of this 7″. Jühning does bring more pop in his angstpop. The opening track contains female guest vocals giving the song a nice, poppy vibe, but still dirty in sound. On the other side, Jühning himself sings more than we are used to from him and also this turns out very well.
Indeed, another good Galakthorrö release.
Links: Herz Jühning, Galakthorrö

Otavan Veret * s/t (cd 2014)

Otavan Veret is a new project from Finland that (when I write this) is not even listed on Discogs yet. On their debut cd on Cyclic Law Otavan Veret presents soundscapes. “A calm, epic, massive and monotonously rich curtain of ritualistic sonorities escalates as radiant timbres morphs like an aurora borealis amongst stellar luster”, according to Cyclic Law, but to be honest, I think that the description sounds more interesting than the music. The selling line does give you enough information about the music to know what we are talking about though, so that is very convenient for me as a reviewer.
Link: Cyclic Law

Shrine * Nihil (cd 2014)

This is the second album of Shrine that I review. The other album was not totally convincing to me, the second is neither.
Shrine makes alright dark ambient, with many long tones which make the music it more “soundscapes”. The sound is somewhat dark, which is good in my opinion, but not really varried or moody enough to keep my attention.
Links: Shrine, Cyclic Law

Strom Noir ‎* Urban Blues (cd 2014)

However this project has been around for seven years, the name does not ring a bell. There have been many releases on labels that also do not ring bells. Now there is a release on Zoharum, so the project can pierce ‘our scene’.
“Urban Blues” is quite a typical Zoharum release; minimalistic ambient, soundscapes, a bit of drone (guitar drones actually). It is all a bit monotonous and not entirely my cup of tea, but if you are up for a ‘new’ project you might want to get your hands on this “ecopack”.
Links: Strom Noir, Zoharum

Seesar * Flight Of Raphtontis (online album 2014)

With the band Vultures Quartet Will Connor released an album on Zoharum. However I hear many Zoharum releases, the name does not ring a bell. Connor is active in more musical projects and as Seesar he makes: “dark ambient Lovecraftian soundscapes”.
Since Will mentioned the name Zoharum before I read the bio, I already thought about ‘soundscapes’ (prejudice right?). Indeed, “Flight Of Raphtontis” is a collection of sounds and noises, sometimes slightly ritualistic, sometimes less so. Here and there the sound is a bit darker with lower frequencies. These are the parts I prefer. In general I am not a big lover of soundscapes. This is not such a bad soundscape though.
For more information about the artist, his projects and how to get this Bandcamp album, visit Connor’s website (see below), rather than the Discogs link that I put under the cover. Neither the release nor the project are listed on Discogs yet.
Links: Will Connor, Sombre Soniks

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23. Wave Gotik Treffen

We have ordered our tickets months ago and recieved them a couple of weeks back. Not too many bands were made known then. Much more we know today and actually, the line-up is not smashing. Of course this is an opportunity to go and see bands that I do not know yet.

Names that are interesting are a bunch that will probably make a nice night with weird industrial: Trepaneringsritualen, Sigillum and Six Comm.

Since a couple of years there is also horror punk/psychobilly: 45 Grave, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space.

Further there will be: 7JK (and of course Sieben and Job Karma on their own), Anne Clark, The Lost Rivers (this I am looking forward mostly), Konstruktivists and the great project Land:Fire that I already saw live once.

It will probably be fun again.

Whirlwind Heat * Do Rabbits Wonder? (2003)

Electronic punky rock music with here and there a chaotic, 'nowavy' edge. Do Rabbits Wonder? is quite a nice album.

Tricky * False Idols (2013)

Yesterday Deezer recommended me a recent album of the famous Tricky. I know the man of his lauded 1996 album "Pre-Millenium Tension". The new album starts very promising with slow, fairly dark, downtempo techno (or 'triphop') with male and female vocals. As the album continues, the tracks get less interesting. Not music that I listen to a lot, but should the entire album have been a surprise like the opening tracks.......

Design experimentation

As you can see I am experimenting a bit with the layout. I have been thinking of a new and better way to separate reviews from other news, like announcements of releases that I did not review or just general 'blog entries'. I am currently fairly happy with the result, but I do not yet have everything working properly. The stories and 'blog' entries can currently only be visited one by one, not in an overview. Also the rating-stars do not look too good.
So, some work in progress. I hope that you like the new design.

Most played music in 2013

Last.fm keeps track of what I listen to. I "scrobble" most of what I listen to, so this is fairly accurate. Not "scrobbled" is what I hear in the car. In any case, just to give you an idea, here are my most played artists in the last 12 months: (more…)

Uncoiled Loops

I got an email of Uncoiled Loops, a label that released a dark ambient compilation through Bandcamp. Besides dark ambient the label also has IDM and dubstep. Check out their Bandcamp if you are interested.

Three new Zoharum (and related) releases.

Zoharum from Poland puts out another three titles, one of which is made avaible by Noisen Records.
Synapsis "Officine Terraria Reworked", reworked material of projects such as Zenial, Hoarfrost and Self Inflicted Violence. Sometimes soundscapes, sometimes dark ambient, sometimes noisy.
Lagowski presents Legion "False Dawn" a reissue double cd with weird field recorded sound collages.
Piotr Kolecki & Molok Mun "The Spices" and ambient noise soundtrack album.

For more information visit the Zoharum website.

25 Years Tesco

Tesco Organisation has been around for 25 years and to celebrate this, they had a small festival in their hometown Mannheim at 16 and 17 november 2012. 8 Classic industrial projects made their appearance. (more…)

Martial industrial

A decade ago a selling line for new cds was: "sounds like Der Blutharsch". Nowadays you have to sound like Triarii in order to sell cds. I listened to a few of these new stars in the field of martial industrial. My scepticism to the current state of the style is unfortunately confirmed grandly. Tethrippon is a Greek act with boring music and awfull vocals. The cheesy orchestrations are as bad as in the early days of martial industrial, but then they were at least new. Of Kazaria's "Credo Nostrum" album I haven't heard one complete song, my finger kept being drawn toward the 'next' button on the remote. Nebelkorona was the least uninteresting project. In fact, a few tracks on their "Tannenhochforst" are quite alright, but the rest are not...
Nope, my heart does not speed up hearing about the next great project in the field of martial industrial.

Duchess Says live

It has been a while since I got to know Duchess Says. A great band going from electropop to electropop to nowave extremity. A while ago to they released a new album and a European tour was announced! The timing was not perfect, but I managed to go to the Utrecht show yesterday. (more…)