Trepaneringsritualen‎ * Perfection & Permanence (cd 2014)

Trepaneringsritualen released material on a whole range of small labels. This is the third release on a relative major (after an lp and cd on Malignant). This will certainly be good for the spread of the wonderfull name. Cold Spring made a very nice digipack and what is more, this album might very well contain the best Trepaneringsritualen material so far. It reminds a lot of the WGT show in Leipzig. It is very industrial, with a lot of beats, rhythm and screamed vocals. Several earlier releases have less energy, are more ‘ambient noise’ so to way. “Perfection & Permanence” lives up more to the often used description “death industrial” that people put on this Swedish project.
This new cd might not only be more easy to obtain than other releases of Trepaneringsritualen, but for all of you who have not yet hear this project, give a great idea of how dark and aggressive this project (and his live shows!) can get.
Links: Trepaneringsritualen, Cold Spring

Rasthof Dachau‎ * … Das Andere Licht (cd 2012)

Rasthof Dachau, I have known the name for decades, but I never really listened to them. This is partly because of the project’s name. I am not much interested in WWII but I do know tht Dachau was one of the two German extermination camps (the other one was Auswitz) and to call it a ‘resting place’ (Rasthof) gives me a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps it was not meant to refer to the camp or it did and the shock value works too well for me, but that is why it took a couple of decades to try out the music. Later I heard music of this project without knowing what it was. Great, dark ‘ambient noise’ with aggressive vocals, so in the end I decided to set out and investigate the project. You cannot listen to extreme music without extreme humour, right?
It proves not too easy to find Dachau material. Most of it has long been sold out. In the Cold Spring mail order I found this limited compilation (350 copies) with material from 1999 to 2002. Unfortunately there is not too much of the noise side of this project. Some tracks are more dark ambient, other tracks old style industrial. There are a couple of very good tracks to be found, especially the great dark noise opening track called “Exitus”.
Rasthof Dachau is a project for people who like noise music, but not of the unstructured, chaotic type. People like me! But you might have to live with the fact that some people have an even harscher sense of humour as yourself!
Link: Steinklang

v/a * Revenge?! Yes! Nordic Audio Modern 2012 (cd 2012)

Yes this compilation is a couple of years old and yes it was released in a limited edition of 500 copies, but my eye fell on it in the Cold Spring mailorder and the line-up looked interesting enough to get it. That was a good guess! Not that this is a superb compilation, but there is an alternative version of Ex.Order’s “Shuchu Ryoku Pt.03″ (a more dark ambient track by the way), a wonderfull collaboration of Deutsch Nepal and Trepereringsritualen (the two are apparently working on more material) and the track of Deutsch Nepal alone is good too. Moreover it was nice to hear In Slaughter Natives in the old style again, there are two new names for me (Maldur Atai and oro!oro!) and the rest of the projects included include Land:Fire, Inade and Trepaneringsritualen.
It looks like it that this compilation accompanied some Lithuanian festival. It makes a nice compilation with more dark ambient and a little bit of noise so certainly not such a bad buy.
Link: Autarkeia

Trepaneringsritualen‎ * Roi Perdu (mc 2012)

This mini album was also released on iDEAL recordings and Black Horizons and Thomas Martin Ekelund took it as a start for his very own label: Beläten. As you can see I have been scanning the Beläten catalogue for releases I wanted to have a better listen to. There is quite a lot of interesting material in that catalogue!
Trepaneringsritualen makes extremely dark, ritualistic and somewhat noisy industrial. This tape/download makes no exception. It makes another nice “ritual”. This makes it extra nice that many of the later Beläten releases would have ‘more logically’ come from the minimal wave scene, while Ekelund released them after his own dark industrial release. As dark uncanny Trepaneringsritualen sounds, as poppy and danceable are some later Beläten releases. It is a combination of styles that I alternate myself too and quite a couple of Beläten releases are very good, so I am happy that I finally had a better look at the label and I definately need to follow them more closely than I have so far.
In any case. You can get this early trepanningsritual should you have missed it too. It seems like Trepaneringsritualen got better over time, but this tape is certainly not bad.
Links: Trepaneringsritualen, Beläten

Michael Idehall‎ * Deep Code (mc 2014)

“Deep Code” is Idehall’s second album, the debut was also released on Beläten. “Deep Code” is close to a masterpiece! There are tracks that can match the best tracks on Galakthorrö! Idehall’s style is not entirely comparable to ‘the Galakthorrö sound’, but he would fit very well within the roster. Idehall makes something that I would describe as “angstpop”. Slow, dark, industrial; not entirely unlikely some tracks of Herz Jühning. In some tracks Idehall sings which makes a wonderfull combination between dark electronics and his voice.
The sound is not too easy to describe, but the comparison I keep making works upto a certain degree. Make sure to listen to the tracks on the label’s Bandcamp. When I write this, there seem to be physical copies available, otherwise you can always buy a download.
The latest release of Beläten has 7 masterpieces and one not-too-good track. Get it!
Links: Michael Idehall, Beläten

Distel * Ultra2012 (mcd 2014)

I almost missed the latest Distel. Fortunately I was looking through the catalogue of the Swedish Beläten label! “Ultra2012″ contains both ‘Distel+’ (a development of the sound that we grew used to, somewhere between dark minimal wave and angstpop) and uncommon sounds (more technoish). There are a couple of masterpieces which makes “Ultra2012″ a must-buy if you like the sound of this Dutch project (or for example the Galakthorrö sound).
Finding a physical copy may be a quest (Beläten is out of copies, I got mine from the band itself), but you can always buy the Bandcamp download.
Links: Distel, Beläten

Cryme * Mekonium (mc 2013)

It may become boring, but here is another wonderfull Beläten tape/download (the tape has probably been sold out for over a year). Of course, since Beläten puts their releases on Bandcamp, you can listen to them before you buy them, I only got myself the ones that I liked. That is not to say that the all other Beläten releases are boring, but they were either obviously not my taste or I had to make choices because I did not want to buy everything.
In any case, Cryme makes a strange kind of industrial which goes from old-style industrial to a more minimal wave sound and less common sonic experiments. Sometimes Cryme reminds me of the ‘industrial disco’ style of Thorofon. Actually the latter may not be such a bad comparison. Not that “Mekonium” sounds like Thorofon, but the two projects would fit well together on a stage. Recommended.
Link: Beläten

Marrow Mandler‎ * Escapist Grounds (mc 2013)

Beläten and Aufnahme+Wiedergabe are certainly labels to keep an eye on. A+W released the debut of cassette of this project. I have not (yet) heard it, but “Escapist Grounds” was certainly interesting enough to buy my own digital download.
It opens with a bit of a DAF-sound track. The second track is more minimal wave, but with a more ‘busy’ rhythm. Unfortunately the vocals are quite awfull, a thing that more minimal wave projects suffer from. The third track is interesting and the vocals are less annoying. Also the last two tracks make nice minimal wave, but those vocals. Fortunately in a few tracks there is no real attempt to sing and the vocals are more bearable. Musicwise good though!
Links: Marrow Mandler, Beläten

Imiafan‎ * Old School Surprise (mc 2012)

Seldom was the title of a release as fitting as here. The music certainly sounds old school and surprisingly nice, but old school what? Industrial? Electro? EBM? Perhaps the best description for the music is something between minimal wave and old-style EBM. Here and there the sound reminds of 80′ies analogue dance music, but more uptempo and catchy. The too-simple lyrics are sometimes a bit annoying, but the music is certainly catchy.
Link: Beläten

Ekman‎ * Kalla Rytmer Att Dansa Till I Ensamhet (mc 2012)

Another countrymate on Beläten (besides Distel). Contrary to most Beläten projects this is not Ekman’s first or second release. Ekman already has an impressive list on Discogs with releases on a variety of labels, apparently from different music scenes. This includes Enfant Terrible, so perhaps that explains why the name rings a bell.
The sound is one that fits well on the Dutch Enfant Terrible label: minimal wave, a bit weird and atypical though. The music is not really danceable and there are no vocals. Perhaps ‘analogue minimal wave’ is a description for Ekman. Minimalistic certainly is a term that comes to mind when listening to this music.
A nice, though slightly unexpected, addition to the Beläten roster.
Link: Beläten

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Noise Receptor journal

Recently I ran into the Noise Receptor weblog. It appeared that there is also a printed version available. (more…)

WGT 2014

As always, the Wave Gotik Treffen was a nice party. Besides free visits to museums, including an exposition of the recently deceased Hans Rudolf Giger with pieces from the Giger museum in Switserland, the 'heathen village' and the marked in the Agra hall, there were of course plenty of bands to choose from. Sometimes too much, so I had to skip a couple, but the bands we did see are: (more…)

Three Cyclic Law releases

TeHÔM "Lacrimae Mundi" CD
TREHA SEKTORI "Severh Sehenh" CD

See for more information.

Three Zoharum releases

BISCLAVERET 'Theu Anagnosis' CD
1000SCHOEN / AB INTRA - Split 2CD

See here for more info.


Thot is a strange band from Belgium making noisy, industrial rock. Not always brilliant, but they have got some moody tracks.

Left Lane Cruiser

An all-American band that makes a filthy kind of blues rock. The vocals sound like they are shouted into a bad microphone and the music goes from upto rock to more traditional blues. The band has some very nice songs.


Deezer recommended me to play the album "2" of Neu! It proved to be a very nice album. A bit of wave, a bit of shoegaze and more experimental tunes. The album proves to be from 1973! That is not very new!

Three Zoharum releases

"25.04.2014 it's release date:
TROUM 'Dreaming Muzak' CD
IN SCISSORS 'The Circus Of Ichneumons' CD
AABZU 'It came from outer space' CD"
See here for more information.

Infetu * Sentience (2009)

From dark ambient to ambient noise. Quite dirty and here and there quite dark. Nice!

23. Wave Gotik Treffen

We have ordered our tickets months ago and recieved them a couple of weeks back. Not too many bands were made known then. Much more we know today and actually, the line-up is not smashing. Of course this is an opportunity to go and see bands that I do not know yet.

Names that are interesting are a bunch that will probably make a nice night with weird industrial: Trepaneringsritualen, Sigillum and Six Comm.

Since a couple of years there is also horror punk/psychobilly: 45 Grave, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space.

Further there will be: 7JK (and of course Sieben and Job Karma on their own), Anne Clark, The Lost Rivers (this I am looking forward mostly), Konstruktivists and the great project Land:Fire that I already saw live once.

It will probably be fun again.