In 2001 I started my first website. It was called “Sententia” and contained music reviews and articles. Sententia was located on a free webhost, moved two times and eventually had to make place for when I decided to get proper hosting and a domain name. In that time I had a huge interest in Western esotericism and took the name of the magnificent “monas hieroglyphica” of John Dee (see articles section). grew steadily, both in content, but also in the amount of visitors, especially when I got rid off the frames and Google started to ‘like me’. But of course is a one-man-show, so often there were only new music and film reviews while I was working on new articles (or not even when there was no inspiration) and nothing much happened. During the months April and May 2007 even less happened on For quite some time I had the idea that things could be easier and a bit better when I had the website no longer with a shitload of separate html-files that I have to update manually (especially the archiving of reviews), but with a database structure. Since my provider for only provides databases at a substantial extra rate, I decided to try a cheap hosting provider that automatically gives databases and I could just register another domain name. Naturally this name became a ‘pagan’ one, since in the five years of my interest shifted from Western esotericism to the prechristian religion of Northern Europe. “Gangleri” (“seeker”) is the name king Gylfi took when he decided to travel to Asgard to question the Gods as you can read on the index page. As we are all seekers, I found this a fitting name. For a longer explanation see here.

Since all this database stuff was new to me, I searched the web for information and ran into WordPress allows you to download some files that you have to upload to your server, install and ‘voilá’ you have a fully running database website. Getting it more in a way I want a website to look wasn’t too easy and WordPress has some serious disadvantages, but God knows how long I would have been busy before I had set up a database site myself (learning CSS, PHP, XHTML and all those awfull abbreviations). Over the last year I have become a little bit skilled in (WordPress) PHP and CSS and WordPress itself developped considerably adding some features that I could use by default, so I am getting closer and closer to what I had in mind. A minor point of this setup, is that often I spend more time on website maintenance than content. WordPress is updated, a flaw is discovered, a plugin gets outdated or conflicts with another (or a new version of WP), something just dies, a new kind of hacking WP sites is all over the internet, etc. etc. Quite interesting, but I do have the idea that I spend more time on the website itself and keeping it running properly, than on writing material to publish. Oh well, it all keeps me off the street.

Late spring 2010 there was an antirely new WP which to implement I had to delete all previous installations (including the databases) and create a ‘network’ based on one new installation. This was quite a job, but so far seems worth the effort.

I have five parts which I call “sections”, being “articles”, “book reviews”, “film reviews”, “music reviews” and a section in which I announce novelties in the other sections and that I use as some kind of “blog” (horrible term). Each section has a “section intro” to tell you something about it, so I will not bother you with all that here.

The above I wrote in the summer of 2010. Not all that much really changed since then, but of course as the WordPress develops (rapidly) and a new wish pops up from me every now and then, things keeps developing. The last update of april 2014 was quite drastic for me, but hopefully not for you. I finally replaced the stone-age “theme” for a modern and flexible one giving me some space to experiment with new ways of presenting information.

All very interesting of course, but it is high time that you used the navigation on top or on the right to get you somewhere really interesting.