Toplist and alphabetical overview

A list of my favourite films.
Lost Highway * David Lynch * 1997
π [Pi] * Darren Aronofsky * 1998
Twin Peaks – the first season special edition DVD * David Lynch * 1990/2002
Twin Peaks second series 1990/1 * David Lynch * 2007
(Frank Miller’s) Sin City * Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez (2005)
Delicatessen * Jean-Pierre Jeunet * 1991
Mulholland Dr. * David Lynch * 2001
Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me * David Lynch * 1992
INLAND EMPIRE * David Lynch * 2007
Eraserhead * David Lynch (1977/2000)
The Wrestler * Darren Aronofsky (2008)
The Fountain * Darren Aronofsky (2006)
Requiem For A Dream * Darren Aronofsky * 2000
Inception * Christopher Nolan (2010)
Carnivàle (series) season 2 * Daniel Knauf (2005)
Videodrome * David Cronenberg (1983)
Possession * Andrzej Zulawski (1981)
Il Divo * Paolo Sorrentino (2008)
White Lightnin’ * Dominic Murphey (2009)
Naked Lunch * David Cronenberg (1991)

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Again somewhere

It does not happen to me often that I pick a film that I forgot I saw. “Somewhere” did not make a whole lot of impression, apparently it neither did the first time I saw it. A film without a story. We just see a few days of the life of a famous actor screwing [...]

Wicker weekend

Last weekend I saw both Wicker Man films, the 1973 original and the 2006 remake and I just see that I ‘blogged’ about these films before.


Nicholas Winding weekend

Last weekend I have rewatched both “Drive” (2011) and “Only God Forgives” (2013). The films are very similar, yet very different. Both have Ryan Gosling as poker-faced main character. In both films Goslings character is involved in illegal activities, but does not really seem to want to. Of course, both films are slow and minimalistic. [...]

No blog

A “blog” with one entry every two years, that is quite cool, is it not?

It has been a couple of years since I added “blogs” to the different sections so I could share information other than reviews. Looking back, I am not entirely sure what kind of information I had in mind. I [...]

Fantasy bombast

During two airplaneflights I have killed some time watching to fantasy spectacles. First the lauded “Avatar”, second the first “Hobbit”. I did not expect “Avatar” to be some sort of “Matrix”, but the famous blue characters inhabit some sort of ‘inbetweenworld’ that men can only come using some sort of machine. The film is an [...]