Best Animation From Holland (2007)

My eye fell on this DVD when I was looking through the library stock. This 100 minutes DVD contains 11 animations spanning over two decades (1984 to 2005 presented chronologically), all award-wining shorts. All animations are simply drawn, one is an early computer animation. Some of the films are funny, some more melancholic. The artists involved are Børge Ring (“Anna & Bella“), Evert de Beijer (“De Karakters“), the weird “Dada” of Peter Kroon in which the number of books a character can carry on his/her had signifies intelligence, Maarten Koopman with his great “Famous Paintings“, Gerrit van Dijk with “I Move, So I Am” in which the painter continuously paints himself, Christa Moesker with the violent little girl “Sientje” very amusing, Paul Driessen with his pretty vague “3 Misses“, Michael Dudok de Wit (“Father and Daughter“), Adriaan Lokman with his 3D computer animation “Barcode” which is dated 9 years after its creation, Rosto with “Anglobilly Feverson” and Erik van Schaaik with “Vent” a funny film about a guy being blown away by the wind.
Some of the films presented are amusing, but this DVD does not make me an animation-freak. Nice to watch something different some time though.

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