Bye Bye Blue Bird * Katrin Ottarsdóttir * 1999

Two girls arrive at the Faröer islands for a holiday of fun. Apparently the big-city-friends have more of these vacations, but this one turns out to have a special meaning. The Faröer islands are quite small and have an own kind of people who are mostly very religious. The landscape is magnificent, the life mostly keeps to elementary things. Rannvá (Hildigunn Eyðfinsdóttir) and Barba (Sigri Mitra Gaïni) are hip and cool and dress exuberantly. They plan to have some fun of the inhabitents, but they are not really impressent by the extravagant-looking girls. After visiting Rannvá’s mother the girls want to move up north for yet an unknown reason. The man Rúni (Johan Dalsgaard) who says to have to do business up north takes the girl for the film-long ride through the beautiful country, which in the end turned out to be a very significant trip for Barba who grew up on the islands.

The extravagant girls are as crazy as they seem and there are hilarious scenes of them ‘dancing’ outside the car or in a local club. Weird conversations and strange camera-work make this film quite humerous. Also grief melancholy and misunderstanding between the girls and their family and between themselves though. Yep, a real Scandinavian film that has it all, very nice I’m only not pleased with the last ten seconds… <3>

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