Oblivion * Joseph Kosinski (2013)

I do not think I had heard of this “mind blowing epic” before my girlfriend brought it home. Perhaps this is because Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman are not actors that make me want to watch a film and the director is a new with only two finished films. The box reminded my girlfriend of “Interstellar” and indeed, the two films are quite alike.

In “Oblivion” we are a century ahead in time and after a war with alien invaders, humankind now lives on one of the moons of Saturn. The earth is only used for its resources, since however men won the war, the earth was mostly destroyed and highly radio active because of the use of nuclear warfare. The only people on earth are people who take care of the maintenance of the machinery. Jack (Tom Cruise) and Julia (Olga Kurylenko) are two of those. Operating from a futuristic house/base high above the clouds, Jack goes to the surface for his maintenance and Julia is his operator. Jack’s occupation is not without hazard. Then when another craft crashes to earth, things slowly start to be different from what Jack was always told and towards the ends an ‘Interstellian circle’ is presented to the viewer.

The story of “Oblivion” is less ‘elaborate’ than that of “Interstellar” and in total “Oblivion” is not as good. I might have rather seen them the other way around. Still, in both films the surrealistic atmosphere that makes me think over some things works and the drama works too. Therefor I suggest that when you saw “Interstellar” and liked it, you might want to watch “Oblivion” as well. Or when you found “Interstellar” is bit too much, “Oblivion” might suit your better.

Nice detail. The film is based on a graphic novel and the author of this novel is director of this film.

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