The Lone Gunmen (series) * Vince Gilligan et al (2001)

Who remembers the three stooges from the X-Files? You know, these three nerds hiding in a cellar and writing their little journal The Lone Gunmen? I knew that they got a spin-off series from the X-Files, but never came to watch it. So now I did.
“The Lone Gunmen” did not get further than 13 episodes and this is enough. The show is way too goofball, especially because of rubberface Stephen Snedden. The atmosphere is mostly that of the weird comedy episodes of the X-Files, but not as well done. Not that there is nothing to laugh, but I would have preferred at least some seriousness in some episodes. There is not much of conspiracy and some cases are downright dull.
On to the good news: Zuleikha Robinson. As “Eve Adele Harlow” she also appears in one X-File episode and in “The Lone Gunmen” she is both the stooges’ opponent and helper. Robinson may not be magnificently beautifull, but she certainly is (as she is described in one episode) sensual and one reason to watch “The Lone Gunmen” afterall. Another reason is an episode that features two main X-Files characters. The last reason is that it is just funny to see a small theme from the X-Files (the Gunmen in their cellar and of course the characters themselves) worked out and put in the center. You will get a much closer look on Byers, Frohike and Langly. It is not a big loss that there are only 13 episodes, but it is no punishment to watch them some time when you are in the mood.

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