The Thing * Matthijs van Heijningen (2011)

It must have been decades since I saw the original film, but I remember the story to be roughly the same. Looking at the IMdB information of both films, I wonder if that is really the case. In the new film there is a young, female scientist taking the lead, while the 1982 version does not mention a female scholar at all. Also the names of the characters differ greatly. The new version has Scandinavian scholars, the original not. Perhaps both films are just based on the same story, the new version not on the old? The story remains known and has been told numerous times. Scholars run into the remains of an alien which appears not to be dead and starts to take the lives of the scientists one by one. The original “Thing” was (as I remember) quite bloody for its time, the new one is not so much if you compare them to films of today. The tension is not always great, but there are a few nice scenes. Of course there is a new level of special effects with a pretty damn weird alien. Just an alright sci-fi.

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