Snatch * Guy Ritchie * 2000

This is the third film of Guy Ritchie and comes some time after the nice, but not as funny “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels”. A great crime-comedy with a magnificent role of Brad Pitt as boxing gipsie (“pikey”). Two maffioso involved in illegal boxing-games want to buy a caravan from gipsie Pitt who sells them a wreck that doesn’t even survive the trip out of the gipsie camp. Boxer Bullet Tooth and Pitt will make things up in a fight and the small Pitt knocks-out Bullet Tooth with just one hit. BT was supposed to have a fight in the next night and eventually they pursuade Mickey (Pitt) to replace him. However Mickey is supposed to go down in round four, he knocks-out his opponent with one blow, which meant a lot of problems for some high-ranked criminals.

Of course there is more about the movie and these few lines are just the first part, but I suggest that you just go and see this movie yourself. It is pretty violent at times and especially… funny. Tarantino humour, strange dialogues and an unintelligible Pitt make “Snatch” an instant classic.

It is said that the film “Sexy Beast” (the debut of Jonathan Glazer with Ben Kingsley as main character) is equally brilliant and in the same style (crime-comedy). We Europeans are set for 11 October for that one, I don’t know about the USA). (reviewed 18/11/01)

I just saw the film again after too many years. “Snatch” DID become the instant classic that I mentioned. It was (one of the) first crime-comedies with ‘nouvelle violence’ humour and cut-up stories that are still popular, but “Snatch” has certainly stood the course of time. (jan 09)

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