My Week With Marilyn * Simon Curtis (2011)

I was happy to be able to see this film in the airplane. It was on my wishlist, the only film from my wishlist that I could choose. Of course an airplane is not a very good place to watch a film. The screen is very small and with the noise of the plane the sound is awfull. I missed most of the conversations in this film. What I saw of it was actually quite disappointing. Colin is a rich boy who wants to work in the movie business inspite of the fact that he could have an easy life. Much perseverance brings success. The American filmstar Marilyn Monroe is coming to the UK to shoot her first British film and Colin can help out organising things. Monroe is portrayed as an extremely insecure actress, actually a very insecure woman in general. She cannot find her role in the British way of making a film and not emptatise with the Brits as people in general. The latter works the other way around and the shooting does not go very well. However much younger, Monroe does like the presence of Colin who stays with her in difficult moments. When out of the straightjacket on the set, Monroe appears to be as we know her, extremely extravert, very well aware of her sexy appearance and most of all completely unconstrained. No wonder Colin falls in love with her like everybody did. Colin gets to see the best and the worst of Monroe and after a week she flies back to the USA. I have no idea how historically correct this film is, but apparently the real Colin wrote a book about this week and the film is based on the book, so perhaps Monroe really was the wreck that we get to see. The film is frank and enjoyable, but not terribly good.

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