Revengers Tragedy * Alex Cox (2002)

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This wonderfull film seems to be somehow connected with the also wonderfull film “24 Hour Party People”. Frank Boyce also wrote the screenplay here and Christopher Eccleston plays a part in both films. For the rest, “Revengers Tragedy” mostly reminds of “Romeo + Juliet” (1996 Baz Luhrman). It is based on the play “Revengers Tragedy” by Thomas Middleton (c.1580-1627). Just as “Romeo + Juliet” this film uses old English text, but a very modern setting (the youth looks like Keith of Prodigy) and everything is really overdramatic. “Revengers Tragedy” became a lush and eye- and earcaressing film with magnificent stages, great acting and a wonderfull mix between old and new elements. Not entirely as good as “Romeo + Juliet”, but “Revengers Tragedy” comes rather close and is definately recommendable. -11/7/06-

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