Rabbit-Proof Fence * Phillip Noyce * 2002

I remember when this film played in the local filmhouse, but… Good that good films turn up on tv in the end too! The film is about how in Australia the colonisators try to whipe out the Aboriginal lifestyle and peoples. They found out that when you mix a native with a caucasian person and again, the third generation shows almost no signs of the Aboriginal physical. So, Aboriginal women get pregnant from white males. The special government department puts the halfbloods in a special camp where the children are trained to be good white people (read: servants) and the girls can give birth to more ‘pure’ children.
Three of these children put in a camp get out and walk for 1500 miles to get back to their mothers. Their travel takes them through the varried Australian landscape, from forests to prairies, deserts and even a salt-deserts. They are being traced by the native ‘tracker’ of the camp and the Australian police. Her mother has trained the oldest girl well and she manages to stay out of reach for her purcuers.
A nice film about yet another cruel part in the history of colonisation.

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