Ha! Bönpo creation

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At the beginning there was empty space, Namkha Togden Chosumje, nothingness. However, it contained the five causes nonetheless. Trigyal Kugpa, the forefather of Ye, the positive dimension of light and virtue, drew those causes unto himself and released the sound ‘ha’ from which arose winds which, taking the form of a swiftly-spinning light wheel, started moving in the emptiness. From the rotation of the wheel there arose a heat and thus the element fire was formed. Through the contrast of the coolness of the winds and the fire’s heat there arose a condensation which became dew, the water element. This in turn was churned by the winds causing particles of matter of the earth element to cluster onto it and be spread far and wide. Travelling in space, these particles condensed and attached to one another forming the earth and the mountains.

Drenpa Nmkha quoted by Dmitry Ermakov in Bo & Bön p. 144

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