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As people who come here (and in the articles section) will know I sometimes want to read something different from the Scandinavian sources, I want to know more about the region that I live in. I am currently reading The Lost Gods Of England, a rather old (1957) book of Brian Branston. Not a bad […]

Coming soon

I am still reading Stemmen op Schrift and The Power of Myth, but neither book has high priority and I only started to read them when waiting for new literature. On the way are three seemingly interesting titles: Myth And Law Among The Ancient Indo-Europeans a collection of lectures edited by Jaan Puhvel The War […]

Now reading

It is true, I don’t “blog” here frequently, neither in the other sections. I noticed that inspite of that, the blog is actually relatively popular. I currently have one of these periods in which I do not really know what to read. I’m currently reading through the pulp-work Pagan Resurrection of Richard Rudgley. I expect […]


For quite some time I had wanted to get an Edda in the original language, but I never managed to find one. I did not really know what to look for. When I was rereading Gods Of The Ancient Northmen by Georges Dumézil who quotes a lot in Icelandic, I decided to see if I […]

Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte

Sometimes I’m lucky. Every once in a while I check some second hand book websites for the Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte. It is not that this book is impossible to find, but antiquarians know what to ask for it. I have seen prices from 200 up to 400 euros! I really wanted to have the book, but […]

At last

Quite a while ago I placed an order at Amazon and only this week I received it. I took the cheapest way of shipping, but I didn’t receive anything, so Amazon sent the order again. Last week my girlfriend got a box of the postman saying that the address was incorrect and that an old […]


Apparently there is more and more attention for local variations of language: dialect or slang. Quite some time ago I wrote a little article about the subject and in this book reviews section I reviewed a few ‘books‘ about the subject. Last weekend we were in the Noord-Brabants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and in the little […]

Book reviews blog

As you might have noticed, I have moved the “quotes” and the “publications” from the news section to the more logical section: this one. Also I have added a “blog” to every section, where I can put some chitchat that are not reviews. I consider removing the “now reading” information from the “sidebar” to this […]

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The Open Mouth

Gap Var Ginnungaga = “The Open Mouth of the Sacred Descendants was (existed)”. From gap = “open mouth” (indicating something ready to swallow something), var = “was”, “existed”, ginnr = “sacred” and unga = genitive plural of ungr = “descendant”, “child”, “lineage”.

Maria Kvilhaug in The Poetic Edda p. 6 (note 5)… Continue reading The Open Mouth

In the beginning was the Wave

Ar var alda = “In the beginning was the Wave” is a very controversial interpretation that is not found in other translations. My interpretation is based in the understanding that ár is the ON adverb ór which means “in the beginning”. It follows that var (“was”) refer to the singular noun which was in the […]

Great World

Heimdallr = “Great World” from ON heimr = “world” and dallr = “splendid”, “awsome”, “great”, “dazzling”. An Aesir/Vanir deity.

Maria Kvilhaug in The Poetic Edda p. 5 (note 3)… Continue reading Great World


The name “Chicken” (in plural) [Hoenir] is funny and mysterious on a character that actually bestows intelligence to human kind – perhaps the incessant clucking of chicken is a metaphor for how the thinking mind makes noise?

Maria Kvilhaug in The Poetic Edda p. 12 (note 21)… Continue reading Chicken

Spiritual grace

Certain Hindus of old blessed our epoch not because it is good but because, being bad, it includes by way of compensation spiritual grace that make easy what is in itself difficult, provided man is sincere, pure, humble, and persevering.

Frithjof Schuon in Prayer Fashions Man Continue reading Spiritual grace

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An unreviewed book

It does not happen often that I get myself a book and decide not to review it. Hraftzer Asatru: An Introduction is one such though. I got the book because I never heard of “Hraftzer” and was curious what new kind of Asatru would have sprung from the USA. The book proved to be a […]

No blog

At some point I thought it was a good idea to make a “blog” for every section so I could share other relevant information than reviews and articles. I see now that I have not done so in five years! It is not like I stopped reading books. Far from it! You also see new […]

Traditie newsletter 3/2011

Electronic newsletter in Dutch, with announcements and a short article.…


Because the software that this website runs on will soon release a version which requires newer server software than my host offers in their normal package, I ran ahead getting a new database on another server. The transfer was not easy. The biggest problems were importing a gigantic database dump and the fact that accented […]