Traditie newsletter 3/2011

Electronic newsletter in Dutch, with announcements and a short article.


Because the software that this website runs on will soon release a version which requires newer server software than my host offers in their normal package, I ran ahead getting a new database on another server. The transfer was not easy. The biggest problems were importing a gigantic database dump and the fact that accented [...]

Traditie newsletter 2/2011

Newsletter in Dutch, with announcements and a short article.

Free Rune journal

Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies The scholarly annual journal Futhark has begun publication in december 2010. The periodical is published in digital form (Open Access), with a facility for print-on-demand.

The periodical is an independent journal, but has as its base of operations the Runic Archives at the Museum of Cultural History, University [...]

Traditie newsletter 1/2011

Click here for the new newsletter of Werkgroep Traditie (in Dutch) with an announcement for the coming lecture of Alwin Goethals of Swarta about Western martial arts (4 March in Lier, Belgium), a lecture that I already heard and it is definately interesting. A history of Western martial arts with a link to the non-martial [...]

Byebye Ritman library

The problems for the famous Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica get bigger and bigger. The magnificent collection of Hermetic, Alchemistic, Rosicrucian, Theosophic, Christian mystic, etc. etc. manuscripts used to be the private collection of Joost Ritman who became rich making airplane cutlery. For many, many years he bought ancient books and manuscripts, displaying them in a public [...]

Traditie newsletter 4/2010

In the latest newsletter an announcement for the upcoming lecture about the ‘childrens fright’ (Sinterklaas, Santa Klaus and where they came from), an article about Santa Wodan, the sacred landscape and an announcement for the Hnikar midwinter celebration. The newsletter is in Dutch.

Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte reprints!

I just accidentally found out that there are reprints of the legendary Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte of Jan de Vries!! There has been no reprints of it since 1970 and the secondhand copies are extremely expensive. De Gruyter, the original publisher, recently made available hardcopy reprints and an ebook versions (the latter are only available for libraries) [...]


It took quote some effort and a little luck, but I am very happy with the current states of the quotes section. In the navigation on top you can choose “quotes”, I am sure you knew. Since a few days there is one quote per “post”, because I managed to make a navigation similar to [...]


Ever since I started to read again (about 20 years ago) and especially when my amount of books started to grow I had the idea that when I got the room for it, I wanted a library. I met a bibliophile girl and a little over three years ago we bought a house. One of [...]

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Evola on Freemasonry

However, we must note that in Freemasonry’s operative and initiatory period it is already possi-ble to detect a certain usurpation, in that this organization attributes to itself the Royal Art. Theinitiation connected to the arts is that which corresponds to the ancient Third Estate (the Hinducaste of the vai§ya), that is, to social strata that [...]

The primordial Nordic-Hyperborean tradition

I have already mentioned the existence of aprimordial Nordic-Hyperborean tradition. In the peoples living at the time of the invasions we can find only fragmentary echoes and obscure memories ofsuch a tradition, which leave a wide margin to popular legends and to super-stition. In any event, these memories were such that forms of a tough, [...]

Evola on Nietzsche

I do not wish to dwell on my analysis of the existential problem posed by Nietzsche in any detail. After all, if Nietzsche’s definition of the problem is clear, the solutions he suggested are both hazy and dangerous – particularly in the case of his theory of the Übermensch and the will to power, and [...]

Evola on Guénon

Guénon had argued that superior forms of knowledge ought not be pursued on a level removed from the general norms established by a positive tradition (‘exotericism’) – less still in opposition to, and in revolt against such norms. The two spheres – the exoteric sphere and the esoteric – Guénon suggested, ought to be complementary: [...]

Three days to rise

When we spoke of the connection vat-heart, we also noticed how the content adjusted itself to the container: wine-blood. We here refer to the ancient Norse myth about the primal man Kvasir. This being came to be as peace treatise between the Gods of the skies, the Aesir, and the Gods of the earth, the [...]

Holy blood, sacred fluid

Further there are the many wordgames in which Saint Graal is being turned into Sang Réal, referring on the one hand to the real blood (réal – holy blood – the Divine fluidium) and the royal bloed, the new Divine body of the new legal king.

Koenraad Logghe in De Graal p. 618


Evil is separateness from Go(o)d

But creation or radiation implies separation, and it is this ontological separation from the Source of all goodness that constitutes evil.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr in The Heart Of Islam

Only a new Revelation could fill the gap

One would think that the cycle of revelation would have been terminated in the Axial Age. But the decadence of the Greek and Roman religions around the Mediterranean Basin and the weakening of the northern European religions created a vacuum that only a new revelation could fill.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr in The Heart Of Islam

However degenerate the traditional form

The essential question to be asked is whether the traditional form one is thinking about does or does not, under present circumstances, actually provide the means for taking a man all the way in the spiritual life or not? In other words, are the formal limits such as to leave an open window looking towards [...]

The initiatic path is active

The initiatic path is active by definition and therefore an active attitude, in the face of difficulties that might even outlast a lifetime, is the proper prelude to entering that path—herein is to be seen the difference between hope, in the theological sense, and mere desire. The true seeker does not only wait for Grace [...]