I know nothing much happens in this section. You can imagine that what you can read here, requires most work of all sections. More even, it requires ‘inspiration’ too. There are some things that I am working on that are not exactly website-related, but some results may turn up here some time. As for the rest, just keep your eye on the news-section and if something new does come up, you will at least notice.

Needless to say that over the years my interests, or at least the gravity points, change. I do not often give my opinion, but for both interest and the rare case where you do find an opinion goes, that they are not necessarily actual. What is more, I usually try to make you think by presenting subjects in a certain way. This does in most cases say little about my actual views. Since this website is not supposed to be some sort of biography, try to not see it as such.


Within this section you will find old and more recent writings of mine. The ‘back catalogue’ was precisely 70 texts when I switched from to, so if you didn’t know, you have something to do. Initially I intended to post all articles, but when I reread some of the 1998-2001 things, I figured that they are not always that good and/or are quite far from my current ideas and interests. Especially some ‘Theosophical’ texts were left out, even though I have posted a few of those.

The search field searches only through this section and I added a Google search function to search the entire website at once.

Since posting all these articles was a hell of a job, undoubtely some mistakes crept in. Typos, missing text, wrong images, broken links, a layout that doesn’t work, etc. If you run into something like that, please use the comment box under this intro. The comment boxes under the articles I would rather use for remarks regarding the content.