Nothing much

In 2014 I experimented a little with the way the website looks. In most “sections” I added double sidebars to give a bit more attention to ‘other types of content’, such as “blogs” and the quotes in the book reviews section. This articles section is the only one where I did not add the extra sidebar. I do not write a whole lot of articles, but I have even less inspiration to write “blog” entries. It is not like I stopped reading and thinking and even have some new ‘spiritual experiments’, but there are a few reasons to hold back. read more

Where does inspiration go?

There was a time that I wrote articles frequently, actually, this was one of the main reaons to start a website in 2001. Around the year 2000 I was running towards the ends of my ‘theosophist’ period and set out to find new material to study. I did run into those new subjects, got involved in a Dutch publication and started to write more seriously. In 2002 I met my girlfriend (who was involved in the same project) who at the time studied German and philosophy, but had a broader interest in esoteric matters. Together we ran into a Flemish Asatru group, the founder of which is a genuine esotericist and I ran into tons of subjects to delve into. 2000 To about 2006 were my most fruitfull years when it comes to writing articles. Serious projects such as my investigations of the Christian Cabala (2003), Mithraism (2004), Hermetica (2004), rune calendars (2005) and Johannes Bureus (2005) resulted in the most popular articles that you can find on this website. After that, things ended up pretty much dead. I still read quite a bit (but not like I used to) and about a wide variety of subjects, but almost nothing inspires me to investigate something nowadays and little is worth writing about (the subjects mentioned earlier were all subjects about which little information could be found on the internet at the time). What happened that took away my inspiration? read more


Because the software that this website runs on will soon release a version which requires newer server software than my host offers in their normal package, I ran ahead getting a new database on another server. The transfer was not easy. The biggest problems were importing a gigantic database dump and the fact that accented characters were replaced during the import. I hope I found all these weird characters replacing my é â ð etc. Should you run into one, or something else that looks funny, please contact me. read more


Boy do I have little inspiration to write articles! I have a longer text submitted to a periodical, but things are quiet from their part, so in between I decided to reread the great book “De Graal” of Koenraad Logghe which I was sure would bring me some ideas, but not really… I did not come any further than making quotes from the book so far. Is there anything that you would like me to write about? Something that needs clarification or something that you think I know something about? read more

Religion and Tolerance

In The Journal Of Contemporary Heathen Thought there is an article of Alain de Benoist called Intolerance and Religion. In this article De Benoist argues that religion is one of the major sources of the world’s conflicts, especially monotheistic religions.

Indeed, what is most striking, when studying Europe’s ancient religions -the pagan ones- is precisely the fact that they do not know any form of intolerance which is, properly speaking, religious in nature. These are polytheistic religions to which peoples adhere without thinking for one instant that they must criticize other people’s needs to sacrifice to other deities. These religons are strangers to fanaticism. They know neither religious presecution, crucades against “infidels” or “non-believers,” nor war in the name of God. More orthopractic in nature than orthodox, they equally know nothing about notions of dogma, schism or heresy. read more

Brand new blog

It seems that I finally found a more ‘elegant’ way for the ‘blog’ parts of all sections, a way to keep the blog posts away from the articles. The fact that I ‘do not blog’ here very much, was the reason to start my tests here, there were only a few ‘blogs’ to transfer. Unfortunately this ‘blog’ gets excerpted just like the rest (which I of course did because articles are usually quite long), but after two years, I think this is a step forward. read more

Jan de Vries in English

Great news for everybody who keeps hearing of Jan de Vries, but unable to read German or Dutch. has put a very lengthy article by De Vries in English on their website. The article appeared in a Finnish scholarly magazine in 1931 and is called Contributions to the study of Othin especially in his relation to agricultural practices and popular lore.

This article of almost 80 pages sheds light on a great many different aspects of Wodan/Odin. You can read about “agricultural practices and popular lore”, but De Vries also writes about his role in Scandinavian mythology (was Odin ‘imported’?), the name Odin (coming from Odr), etc. In the process you will learn about the Wild Hunt and the Wild Hunter (since the “Wilde Heir” is not the same as the “Wilde Jacht”), archeology, theories by contemporary scholars. All in all a great read and a great exposé of our national Germanic scholar available to the English speaking world. read more


People who have followed the public side of my ‘philosophical evolution’ for some time will know, and in my last article I repeated, that I have a ‘Theosophical past’. The writings of Blavatsky, De Purucker, but also Steiner came at the right time when I was ready for some more serious studies and I learned a lot from them. Later I moved on to other things, but of course I still have a nice shelf with Theosophy in my library, which I seldom to never check these days. It has never been like I took everything I read for granted, but I still found somewhat of a worldview in these writings and a lot of inspiration to discover things. My later pursuits and literature were elsewhere and often very much against Blavatsky and anything that had to do with Theosophy. I’m not offended when somebody tells me that Blavatsky’s books are a load of bullocks, I just take a remark like that for granted and I respect the writings with all its flaws, just for the fact that they helped me grow. Perhaps a lot of Theosophical ideas will come out of me when somebody pushes, but I also have the impression that people misinterpret lot of what is written in order to prove that they are wrong, or otherwise: I have interpreted them incorrectly and/or used in my personal scheme of ideas workably. read more

Articles blog

I have added “blogs” to every section in order to be able to write down some things that might be about the section, but not part of it, in this case meaning: not an article.

I know nothing much happens in this section. I have hardly time to read book, let alone make an article. I do have an idea for an article about fire rituals, but that will require some more investigation.

For the rest, I actually have to work out a ‘lecture’ that I gave a couple of months ago, but that will definately take some time and I am afraid that before that is finished, this section will remain slumbering. read more